Stunning Performances In Chicago’s Many Theatres

The League of Chicago Theaters lists over 200 names on its books, so obviously it would not be feasible to mention them all here. However, to give one a taster of what they can expect, these are just some to send you on your way on your first visit. You may just be coming back to Chicago for more theater! The Chopin Theater can proudly claim the Broadway hit ‘Our Town’ as its own, as it was first staged here. It is located on Division Street. In the Theater Wit and Stage 773 district, more than 13 theaters can be found. Porch Light Music Theater specializes in musicals, while the TimeLine Theater Company prefers historical dramas. Up the road is the Steep Theater Company, whose forte is hard hitting productions. Down the road, the Court Theater hosts productions with that imitable mix of sensitivity and power. For those on a budget, seek out a Hot-Tix outlet. They sell same-day, last minute tickets at a knockdown price.

If you are a fan of Rock ‘n’ Roll, head straight to a production of the Million Dollar Quartet, which has been running now for almost four years. It has traveled as far a field as London and New York, but is now coming home on tour with the performers who started it all. Casual attire is a must, as it will be difficult to stay in your seat, with classic hits such as Great Balls of Fire! Or what about ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On’; ‘Sixteen Tons’; ‘Hound Dog’; ‘Walk the Line’ or ‘Blue Suede Shoes’? This truly is a musical to be remembered . with fondness for years to come.

The Victory Gardens Theater is the place to be if you want to be in one of the first audiences to see a new production. It has now been hosting premieres for almost 40 years – that’s a lot of classics. It recently moved homes, and is now resident at the infamous Biograph Theatre. This is where the FBI got their man, John Dillinger, as he departed, and nowadays boasts two stages. This is the perfect venue to combine a meal before a performance, as a large number of eaters in the area will give you a concession on production of the ticket. If you want to catch a premiere and bring something home to tell your friends, check out the ‘What’s On’ listing online.

Since 1904 the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has been performing world-class concerts at Orchestra Hall. It’s not difficult to see why this venue has been its base for so long; the acoustics here are unbeatable. During the summer months the Chicago Symphony Orchestra moves over to the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park for some outdoor concerts. What better way to spend a warm evening than top quality melodies over a picnic? It is recommended that you enter the Orchestra Hall ahead of schedule so that you can catch the performers rehearsing. New initiates to the world of classical music could do a whole lot worse than to make this one of their first ports of call.

Blue Man Group specializes in interactive performances, where the audience is as much a part of the action as the actors (all of whom are blue, of course). When was the last time you can say you saw giant PVC tubing, tubs, vibrantly colored unknown objects, colorful liquids and marshmallows forming part of a show? The ensemble’s base has been the Briar Street Theater from the outset, and it performs there to this day. That is one of the few things one could say has remained the same with this troupe, however; its performances are constantly evolving and it is constantly on the look out for ways to add new layers and improvements.

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