Tight Aggressive No Limit Holdem Poker – 3 Secrets For Easy Wins

Tight aggressive No Limit Holdem Poker is a fabulously easy way to win money playing poker, but these 3 secrets explode your success and make it even easier.

Tight aggressive No Limit Holdem Poker play is easy and profitable. And although it can be slightly less exciting then loose play I find it is almost always a lot more fun because I have fun when I am winning and making money.

Secrets To Winning With TAG #1 Online betting sites

The first secret is to watch the bets that come out pre-flop. See what size these are and relate them to the big blind. Determine the average bet, it will probably be something like 2.5 times the big blind or 3 times the big blind.

Once you know this, bet slightly over that, so 4 times the big blind for this example. This will pave the foundations of your aggressive play and really do wonders for your wins.

Secrets To Winning With TAG #2

The second things to do is cut the card fat. When I say this I mean don’t play cards that look good yet aren’t. For example A-8, A-6, A-4 etc. Also Q-10, Q-9, J-10, J-9 and the like. There are too many cards that look good yet when you run the numbers they aren’t. Cut them from your play as they often cause more harm than good.

Secrets To Winning With TAG #3

The third secret that really exploded my success was getting, creating or otherwise defining your starting hand requirements in a list or chart. You’ve also got to do this again and again for each position. I have my own one of these that I share around.

By doing this, you carefully craft your success before you even sit down at the table by ensuring you only ever play the correct cards. You also save a ton of time at the table because you instantly know which cards to play.

I know you are aware of how useful this information has been to you and are realizing that you are a much better poker player because you read these secrets. Before you go on to read more information bout poker please have a think about how you are going to implement these secrets the next time you sit down at the poker table.


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